Sandy Hook Father Lenny Pozner/Leonard Pozner Caught Coaching Mentally Ill Man Online

What is a Sandy Hook father doing in communication with this crazy man? And on top of it, giving him admin rights to his domains? Here is Doug Maguire of Burbank CA, death threatening individuals that Lenny stalks online.

Here is evidence of Lenny in direct communication with the man.

Honr Network’s Aaron Grey of Cincinnati Ohio Multiple Death Threats

Honr Network volunteer Aaron Grey (Blue) caught on recording issuing multiple death threats.

Sandy Hook Father Lenny Pozner/Leonard Pozner Death Threats Felix Pantaleon

Lenny Pozner Death Threat

Quoting Lenny
“One day you might find yourself crossing paths with Lenny and I’m sure if that were to ever happen your face would get elbowed repeatedly until the taste of the ground remained the aftertaste of your life.” (Original Archived Link of Youtube incase of editing and deletion)
Direct archived link to Lennys Youtube where he sent death threats to me.

Using Photoshop image of me as avatar created by Doug Maguire. Mentally ill man he uses online.

Doug Death threats man on video

Responsible for admining over 30 slander domains Lenny Owns.

Lenny Pozner Admits To “Cranking Up” Slander Websites To Harass Individual

Here is Lenny Pozner confirming he’s a cyber harasser

Wayback link for proof


Felix Pantaleon Targeted With Cruel Pizzagate Hoax By Lenny Pozner’s Honr Network

Honr Network now accuses little kids of being apart of Boy Love Association & Pizzagate because of haircut designs.

If you didn’t think Lenny Pozner and his Honr Network weren’t crazy enough. They have now taken a generic haircut design, available in 100’s of barbershops across the world. And accused Felix Pantaleon of being apart of “Pedogate” aka #Pizzagate. Wait what? Isn’t Lenny Pozner and his network “Liberal?” Isn’t Pizzagate an “Alt-Right” thing? What will CNN say about this? CNN is on record promoting Lenny Pozner and Honr Network.

The Woman and The Man (Apart of Honr Network) accusing Felix Pantaleon of this hoax are, Tiffany Moser (Yorba Linda, CA) and Doug Maguire (Burbank, CA.) Tiffany A. Moser seems to be Lenny’s online G/F at this point, since he’s allowing her to drive “Honr Network” into the ground.

Who is Tiffany Moser? Tiffany has a long trail of insanity online and recently tried to offer her son to a grown man online. She was also a notorious Sandy Hook Hoaxer who stalked The Dead children of Sandy Hook.

Who is Doug Maguire? A failed Actor turned criminal and drug Addict.


Tiffany Moser warns, Felix Pantaleon is in for a rude awaking because she’s going to frame him as a “pedophile.”

Here are the videos Tiffany and Doug Created, but first let’s show you their affiliation with Lenny and Honr.

Tiffany Moser on Twitter
Doug Maguire’s Linkedin


Still want to support Honr Network? Targeting a man who is NOT a Sandy Hook Truther? You’ve been warned

Lenny Pozner’s Honr Network Exploits 11 Year Old Girl

Lenny Pozner and his crew of child predators are at it again. They are well known for exploiting minors online.

Leonard Pozner/Eliezer Pozner of Boca Raton Florida recently exploited The Niece of a victim they’re stalking. CPS and Boca Raton PD were contacted

This is not The only time, Lenny and crew exploited a child.

They targeted “Tiffany Moser’s” son of Yorba Linda California. A person Lenny stalked and harassed relentlessly aswell.

Way Back Link for Proof

Lenny Pozner & Honr Network Dox & Harass Innocent Man (Santino Freda) as “Jeff Dryden.”

The Honr Network, who has been proven to create fictitious documents. Because they are made up out of, old angry men upwards into their 50’s. Who go into narcissistic rages to be proven right. Doxed an innocent man, by The name of Santino Freda. As being cyber Terrorist “Jeff Dryden.”

The real Jeff Dryden was outted by out of Canada. Dealing with The Honr Network and their spoof trolling. We can 100% confirm now that Jeff Dryden was a fail dox, to up the ego of Cyber Terrorist Lenny Pozner. Who accused Santino Freda of being Jeff Dryden, because “Jeff Dryden” was using a widely used image. Art created by Santino’s famous brother.

To be proven right, Charles Frye and Lenny created a fictitious IP grab document by Court Orders. To “prove” Jeff Dryden was Santino, but we all know now. This was another con job, created by The Honr Network. Jeff Dryden fled when his real identity was released. Which can be seen below

Till this day, cyber terrorist of the Honr Network are harassing innocent man Santino Freda.