Lenny Pozner & Honr Network Dox & Harass Innocent Man (Santino Freda) as “Jeff Dryden.”

The Honr Network, who has been proven to create fictitious documents. Because they are made up out of, old angry men upwards into their 50’s. Who go into narcissistic rages to be proven right. Doxed an innocent man, by The name of Santino Freda. As being cyber Terrorist “Jeff Dryden.”

The real Jeff Dryden was outted by Caliberhitting.com out of Canada. Dealing with The Honr Network and their spoof trolling. We can 100% confirm now that Jeff Dryden was a fail dox, to up the ego of Cyber Terrorist Lenny Pozner. Who accused Santino Freda of being Jeff Dryden, because “Jeff Dryden” was using a widely used image. Art created by Santino’s famous brother.

To be proven right, Charles Frye and Lenny created a fictitious IP grab document by Court Orders. To “prove” Jeff Dryden was Santino, but we all know now. This was another con job, created by The Honr Network. Jeff Dryden fled when his real identity was released. Which can be seen below

Till this day, cyber terrorist of the Honr Network are harassing innocent man Santino Freda.