Owned By Leonard Pozner/Lenny Pozner & Ran By Criminal Who Was Arrested for Stalking 7 yr old Girl At Her School

Slander website was purchased by “Len Pozner” and is being ran by Mentally Ill Schizophrenic “Douglas Anthony Maguire” out of the state of California. Doug Maguire was arrested in 2016, for stalking a mans Daughter outside of her school. Doug Maguire took photos of her school and text msg’d it to the Father. Which he was harassing and stalking at the time. Fast forward to March 2017, Doug Maguire does the same to a Florida family. Which almost got the owner of Lenny Pozner Arrested. They hosted memes of a 11 year old girl on over 30 slander domains “Len Pozner” owned.

All these crimes were committed towards families who were not Sandy Hook Truthers. Nor have any idea about “Truther” related content.

Leonard Pozner owner of Honr, is aware of Doug Maguire and his criminal activities. But allows him to admin his websites and slander individuals online for Leonard Pozner. Which can be punishable by law

Doug Maguire is currently under investigation by The FBI, for ID Theft and Terrorist Threats.

Sites like were Forwarded to them.

Writers like Nancy Dillon ( and Ari Ephraim Feldman ( have all written articles to try to pin Doug Maguires Crimes on The Victims & Detectives of The Cases.

Honr Network Harasses Man Online & Triggers Him To Go On Knifing Rampage

The relentless cyber stalking  and harassment of Phillip Daniel Craigie by Doug Maguire. Finally triggered him to stab a man, almost killing him. Phillip, who went  by the youtube username professor doom1. Was targeted by Doug Maguire and spammed on over 30 slander domains Doug admins. This relentless stalking obviously contributed into Phillip’s mental health. Phillip an already convicted felon with Mental issues, was pushed to the limit by Doug Maguire.

Spam and harassment by Doug Maguire of Honr Network

Lenny Pozner/Leonard Pozner and His Honr Network Harass Innocent 60 YR Old Man Waiting For Heart Transplant

Demented Serial Cyber Harasser With Prolonged Grief Disorder

Lenny and his crew of demented cyber stalkers are at it again. Do you remember Lenny almost getting arrested for trolling a 11 year old girl online? Well, he and his gangstalking crew are now gangstalking the Grand Father of that little girl. Note* both these individuals have no idea who Lenny Pozner is. Have no affiliation with any “Sandy Hook Truther.” Police reports and FBI were contacted. The man responsible for this is “Doug Maguire” of Burbank California and Leonard Pozner of Florida.

Links to the harassment can be seen on the following links

Leonard Pozner Chased Out Of Boca Raton For Being a Fail Troll

Lenny Pozner recently had to move out of Boca Raton, after Boca Raton PD told him off. Because He and his Buddy Doug Maguire. Decided it was a smart idea, to host images of a 11 year old Hispanic girl on Lenny’s web host. Linked to over 30 slander domains, his new location is unknown. But he is still living in Florida, fail trolling away.

Lenny Pozner Admits To “Cranking Up” Slander Websites To Harass Individual

Here is Lenny Pozner confirming he’s a cyber harasser

Wayback link for proof


Felix Pantaleon Targeted With Cruel Pizzagate Hoax By Lenny Pozner’s Honr Network

Honr Network now accuses little kids of being apart of Boy Love Association & Pizzagate because of haircut designs.

If you didn’t think Lenny Pozner and his Honr Network weren’t crazy enough. They have now taken a generic haircut design, available in 100’s of barbershops across the world. And accused Felix Pantaleon of being apart of “Pedogate” aka #Pizzagate. Wait what? Isn’t Lenny Pozner and his network “Liberal?” Isn’t Pizzagate an “Alt-Right” thing? What will CNN say about this? CNN is on record promoting Lenny Pozner and Honr Network.

The Woman and The Man (Apart of Honr Network) accusing Felix Pantaleon of this hoax are, Tiffany Moser (Yorba Linda, CA) and Doug Maguire (Burbank, CA.) Tiffany A. Moser seems to be Lenny’s online G/F at this point, since he’s allowing her to drive “Honr Network” into the ground.

Who is Tiffany Moser? Tiffany has a long trail of insanity online and recently tried to offer her son to a grown man online. She was also a notorious Sandy Hook Hoaxer who stalked The Dead children of Sandy Hook.

Who is Doug Maguire? A failed Actor turned criminal and drug Addict.


Tiffany Moser warns, Felix Pantaleon is in for a rude awaking because she’s going to frame him as a “pedophile.”

Here are the videos Tiffany and Doug Created, but first let’s show you their affiliation with Lenny and Honr.

Tiffany Moser on Twitter
Doug Maguire’s Linkedin


Still want to support Honr Network? Targeting a man who is NOT a Sandy Hook Truther? You’ve been warned

Lenny Pozner Honr Network Webmaster Doug Maguire Arrested for Criminal Theft









If you didn’t think Sandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner could become more unhinged. His recruitment of a Mentally Ill Man to his Honr Network is now backfiring. Lenny groomed “Doug Maguire” to run over 50 slander websites of Lenny’s Victims, Sites like “” “” After Doug Publicly made video’s Death Threatening victims, Lenny Pozner is harassing online. Lenny scrubbed all of Doug’s accounts, on his slander websites. Here are a few examples, that can now only be seen via google cache.

Lenny Pozner

Lenny Pozner

Lenny Pozner owns and other domains used to Slander and Harass Individuals

Lenny Pozner

Direct link as evidence