Felix Pantaleon Stalked by Lenny Pozner/Leonard Pozner/Len Pozner of Honr Network, Harassment, Fake DMCA’s, Libel, Slander Documented. Boca Raton FL’s Most Notorious Cyber Criminal


Lenny Pozner Frames Fiverr User Into Making Slanderous Video

Lenny Pozner (Sandy Hook Father) is Using Mentally Ill Man Doug Maguire To Death Threat & Run Slander Websites For Him Online

Felix Pantaleon Targeted With Impersonation & Fake Ripoffreports

Lenny Pozner of Honr Network is Suffering From Prolonged Grief Disorder & Has Become a Cyber Terrorist. He Cannot Continue to Represent The Families of Sandy Hook Online

Lenny Pozner aka Leonard Pozner wants to ruin as many lives as possible. Including people who are NOT Sandy Hook Truthers. Lenny spends all of his time now, purchasing domains of his victims real names. Slandering, libeling and harassing them. They’re new articles and videos going up about Lenny everyday. 100’s of different people have been targeted and slandered by this crazy man, who must be stopped. Before he hurts himself and others. Lenny want’s to stalk people until they commit suicide.

lenny pozner

Lenny Pozner is now stalking innocent mothers of his victims, way back link for proof.



Former Honr Volunteer, Who Lenny had doing all his dirty work for him. Exposes Lenny for what he has done to countless people.

Spam by Lenny

Lenny’s Honr “Donations” hard at work, slandering someone who has helped Sandy Hook Families. Slander and harassment as of 10/13/2016

lenny pozner

Lenny Pozner Spam links as of 9/13/2016 Libel, Harassment and Slander.

Lenny Pozner is a racist and admits spam for hire, way back for proof. http://web.archive.org/web/20161013082722/https://plus.google.com/+LenPozner1/posts/AC7LkAZXhZs

Lenny Pozner Continues to extend his cyber terrorism

Lenny Pozner obtains a domain name of one of his victims, with their real government name. And post private images obtained, by hacking into their iphone cloud account. Lenny wants this woman to commit suicide, by tormenting her and posting private pictures on his illegal slanderous website. Links as evidence








Reviews from google on Lenny Pozner’s “Honr Network” from individuals that are not Sandy Hook Truthers. He is extending his harassment onto 9/11 Truthers, which should alarm The FBI. Someone going out of their way, to censor Freedom of speech via cyber terrorism.

Sadly, Lenny Pozner’s fascination with the owner of this website has hit an all time high. As Felix Pantaleon never made ANY videos of Lenny or his Honr Network on that date or near that date. As Felix Pantaleon was on Vacation from May 9th, to June 5th http://instagram.com/nastynorthnyc

Lenny likes to lie about people who hurt his feelings the most, to try and get them in trouble with The Law. He obviously has mental issues. Wayback link for proof


Lenny Pozner aka Leonard Pozner of Honr Network, a Sandy Hook Cyber Stalking Platform. Has a mentally handicapped man by the name Michael Flagg of Kernersville, North Carolina doing his dirty work online.

Michael Flagg, Kernersville, NC
Mentally Disabled Man Michael Flagg, Who is being used as a Cyber Troll

Michael Flagg is being used to cyber stalk and harass naysayers of Cyber Terrorist Group “Honr.” Owned and ran by Scammer Leonard Pozner.

Since Lenny Pozner had a son die at Sandy Hook. He has a mentally handicapped man harass people for him as cover. What Lenny does is, he obtains Domain names of his victims, has it hosted on his servers and has Michael Flagg admin them.

Sites like “Hoaxer.info” anyone who disagrees with Lenny’s Cyber Terrorism is labeled a “Hoaxer.” Even if they’re not Sandy Hook Truthers, like Felix Pantaleon. An activist Michael Flagg is libeling and slandering online. A person who has helped the families of Sandy Hook, being targeted because Felix Pantaleon exposed Lenny’s cyber terrorism and criminal activity online.

Fake Spoof Website “Hoaxer.info”
From Fake Spoof Website “SocialMediasMostWanted.com”
From Fake Spoof Website “Cybertrolls.info”

Mentally Ill Cyber Stalker Michael Flagg likes to frame people as “Pedophiles” online as a way to troll them.

Michael Flagg defending the actions of cyber Terrorist Tiffany Ann Moser of Yorba Linda, CA

Michael Flagg is also good friends with deranged cyber terrorist Tiffany Moser. Who was a hardcore Sandy Hook Truther. Visit the following link to see crimes committed by Tiffany Moser. http://caliberhitting.com/crazed-sandy-hook-truther-tiffany-a-moser-of-yorba-linda-ca-is-dangerous


Here is the saved link of Lenny Pozner framing Felix Pantaleon as a pedophile.


Mentally Ill Cyber Stalker Lenny Pozner is now trying to delete any trace of his criminal activity documented on Caliberhitting.com With Fake DMCA’s (Illegal.)

Lenny’s Gangstalking documented

lenny gangstalking




Click for Live Links of Lenny Pozner’s Cyber Terrorism


Real Time Cyber Harassment by Lenny Pozner, live link saved http://web.archive.org/web/20160327135639/https://plus.google.com/115587234387998192958/posts/JLRdtw4pg21


Lenny Pozner creates fake ripoffreports of people



Lenny Pozner has Forrest Jamison send Pizza to somebody elses address that he think’s the person he is harassing lives in.


Sandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner of Honr Network is Trying To Frame People Now


Cyber stalking sister of Felix Pantaleon & attaching her name to incest


Lenny Ponzer aka Leonard Pozner, has now decided to attack people who are helping Sandy Hook Families online. He has decided to attack The Owner of Caliberhitting.com because Caliberhitting.com created a website called “Tasht.org” Truthers Against Sandy Hook Truthers. Lenny see’s it as a threat, a threat to his donation scam that he runs on Honrnetwork.com “Tasht.org” is nothing more than a site that puts names to the faces of Sandy Hook researchers, to back up their claims with their real government names. Tasht.org IS NOT funded by donations like Honr Network.


Honrnetwork was created by Tech Savy Conman Leonard Pozner, who has a history of buying and reselling domains online.

Here’s a domain Lenny owned and reselled, which was later turned into a teen porn website. teen0.com


Here is partner in crime Keith Johnson, admitting Lenny has been knowledgeable of the internet since the dial-up days. What Keith Johnson fails to mention is, that Lenny Pozner is a cyber terrorist and attacked The Owner of Caliberhitting.com because of The record Caliberhitting.com has at going after cyber terrorist. Cyber Terrorist mostly Lenny Pozner has volunteering now for his Honrnetwork site. Lenny saw it as, going after his “Money.”


Having a child be killed in a tragic event gives Lenny no right, to attack and slander anyone he pleases. Which makes me to believe this man is suffering from some sort of PTSD. Prolonged grief disorder, here’s evidence of Lenny cyber stalking The owner of Caliberhitting.com and his family.


Taking a picture of Felix Pantaleon as a child and trying to label Felix Pantaleon, owner of Caliberhitting.com as some sort of Sandy Hook Truther. Which is total nonsense, nobody from or affiliated with Caliberhitting.com has ever been a Sandy Hook Truther.


Cyber stalking the sister of Felix Pantaleon and inserting her into the picture. Also “Victor Von Doom” is sex offender criminal “Forrest Courtney Jamison” of Ottumwa Iowa. A known Cyber Terrorist, Lenny knows online. The Story of Breana Greathouse & The Man Who Drove Her To Suicide (Documentary) – Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w14aBBZuxOk


Cyber stalking the sister of Felix Pantaleon an innocent victim. Something is seriously off about this man… Reason why he CANNOT continue to represent the families of Sandy Hook online.

Lenny Pozner has given detractors reason to go after him and family members of sandy hook. He has left a trail online of insanity and wannabe “hacking.” He has censored free speech online, by submitting fake Copyrights on countless youtube channels and more. And thinks The FBI is his personal toy and threatens people with “reporting” them to the FBI.


Lenny has left a trail of schizophrenia that doesn’t help the family members of Sandy Hook, who have to deal with harassment online. His name alone on youtube brings up over 1,000 results.


Lenny Pozner has lost all sense of reality

Now to the reason Lenny Ponzer turned on Felix Pantaleon, owner of Caliberhitting.com and creator of Documentary “Hoax Movement” that defends the families of Sandy Hook.

Here is Lenny going ape at people speaking out agaisnt the gangstalkers he has volunteering online as useful idiots. All can be found here on this community of Cyber Terrorist. Which he is a member of




Here Lenny admits to being an online troll, why would a grieving father admit to such a thing? He doesn’t care, he is naturally a conman. Taking a tragic event like Sandy Hook & trying to make a quick buck out of it. Just like his other endeavors on the net. He told me, he brings attention to Honr by trolling. Having people talk about it and building up it’s seo rank. Which means, popping up first page and bringing more eyes to it. Which = more money for Lenny.


Here Lenny is hinting to me that I’m “messing” with his money, by going after Cyber Terrorist. That he happens to know


More rage by Lenny


Here is Lenny whining to me that going after Cyber Terrorist is causing him problems. Code word for, you’re messing with my money.



Here Lenny puts a bounty on a “Truther” for 3,000 dollars.

Do you see now, why Lenny CANNOT represent the families of Sandy Hook Victims online?

They are literally 1000s of articles about Lenny Pozner and his tactics online. But this time, he’s playing with the wrong crowd. People in the same field defending Sandy Hook families. Which makes me to believe, Lenny has gone down deep into his PTSD. Here is lenny “hacking” into someones private google drive. Does this mad man think he’s above the law?

Having a child die at Sandy Hook does not give this man the right to break countless laws online. He is nothing more than a gangstalker and wannabe hacker. If you are a family member of a victim of Sandy Hook. Please notify people you know of Lenny Pozners actions online. He cannot represent you or any other family member of Sandy Hook online. He just promotes the endless harassment of law enforcement and Family victims of Sandy Hook Online. Lenny is also a good friend of Cyber Terrorist Tiffany Moser. Who he converted to being a Sandy Hook Cyber Terrorist to play on his side. http://caliberhitting.com/crazed-sandy-hook-truther-tiffany-a-moser-of-yorba-linda-ca-is-dangerous

I won’t tell you how she convinced him of this, but. I will tell you, Lenny’s history of perversion played a roll. Well documented online

Writers and New’s Publications Gaslighting Behavior of Leonard Pozner/Lenny Pozner + His Exploitation of Mentally Ill Man Doug Maguire

Writers like Reeves Wierderman (NYMAG) and Jorge Milian (Palm Beach Post) are gaslighting the criminal behavior of Lenny Pozner online. Writers like these are fueling Pozner to continue his relentless gangstalking and criminal behavior. I recently wrote an article about how Doug Maguire (Honr Volunteer) issued death threats towards individuals Lenny Pozner is stalking. Including myself, these News publications that don’t do their proper vetting and claim Lenny is a victim. Are just waiting to get sued, once Lenny tricks one of them into mentioning someone’s name Lenny is stalking online. Just recently, Leonard Pozner, tricked a man on fiverr to make a slanderous video about me. Claiming that I was a pedophile and more heinous ridiculous things. If Leonard is targeting a person like myself, who is NOT a Sandy Hook Truther. And has helped Sandy Hook Families, then there’s no limits to what Lenny can do. New’s outlets have given Lenny, the excuse to continuously cyber stalk innocent Woman, Children and Family members of his victims. (Without the knowledge of The Writers of These News Publications.) It’s easy for Lenny to look like he’s been victimized, but the sad truth is. Lenny is a troll with some sort of PTSD, which doesn’t let him get over his psychological trauma of losing a young son. This fuels him everyday to get up and to mess with random people. Lenny owns about over 50 web domains, where he has mentally ill man Doug Admin them. Where he slanders, libels and creates fictitious articles about the people Lenny want’s to harass. He is the ONLY Sandy Hook Parent who behaves in such a manner.

You have to ask yourself, how is Leonard a free man? It’s simple, his ace of spades. Being a father of a victim from Sandy Hook & having news articles participate unknowingly gaslighting his criminal activity online.

Lenny Pozner owns Cybertrolls.info and other domains used to Slander and Harass Individuals

Lenny Pozner

Direct link as evidence http://archive.is/cR5wu

Doug Admits to being used as a Patsy by Pozner


Doug Maguire Admits To Running Slander Websites Owned By Lenny Pozner

Doug Maguire Death Threats The Owner of This Website and 3 other Men

Who is Doug?

This article is being created to alert News Outlet’s of Lenny Pozner’s criminal activity online. The other side of Leonard Pozner that they DO NOT see. If new’s publications want to risk getting sued, after reading this article. Then they were warned in advance and somebody’s payday will be that much higher.

My field is tracking down Cyber Trolls and alerting Law Enforcement of their criminal activities. I have helped Law Enforcement track down many cyber criminals and in real life Criminals. The man featured in one of my recent documentary’s “The Story of Breana Greathouse & The Man Who Drove Her To Suicide (Documentary)Is now serving a 2 year jail sentence. My other work, was helping Law Enforcement track down a young man who played the knock out game which made Worldwide News. Lenny Pozner is one of the nastiest Trolls I have ever encountered on the web. He is what we call in this field of work a, “Suicide Troll.” Stalking his victims and hoping they kill themselves.

More on Lenny Pozner Documented on This Website

Lenny Pozner Frames Fiverr User Into Making Slanderous Video

Lenny Pozner (Sandy Hook Father) is Using Mentally Ill Man Doug Maguire To Death Threat & Run Slander Websites For Him Online

Felix Pantaleon Targeted With Impersonation & Fake Ripoffreports

Lenny Pozner/Leonard Pozner/Len Pozner of Honr Network, Harassment, Fake DMCA’s, Libel, Slander Documented. Boca Raton FL’s Most Notorious Cyber Criminal

Lenny Pozner Frames Fiverr User Into Making Slanderous Video

Sandy Hook Cyber Terrorist Leonard Pozner is up to his old tricks again. This time framing Felix Pantaleon, while duping an innocent seller on fiverr.

Lenny claims Felix Pantaleon made fake porn of him, but that was his good cyber terrorist friend Tiffany Moser along with “Jeff Dryden” that did. Way before Tiffany and Lenny became friends, proven by SMS text msgs. What Leonard forgets to mention is, along with Forrest Coutney Jamison (Who is now serving a 2 year jail sentence) framed Felix Pantaleon as a Pedophile. Before those allegations of Lenny appeared. Lenny likes to dish it out, but can’t handle what comes back to him.

Here someone leaves a comment on the video Lenny duped a man into making. And say’s he was a victim of Felix Pantaleon, unknowingly to the man that Lenny was making comments like these.

Lenny uploaded the video to his youtube and shared it on many platforms.

Notice how Lenny claims Felix Pantaleon harasses Sandy Hook Families. When the complete opposite is true, Felix Pantaleon has helped many Sandy Hook Families. Lenny just doesn’t like it, someone is telling a Sandy Hook parent that being a troll is unacceptable.

Notice he tells the innocent man that he can upload it on his own channel, in which he did and removed after being told he was trolled by Lenny.

If you have been a victim of Leonard Pozner and his silly nonstop criminal activity. Contact his local PD, Boca Raton PD http://www.ci.boca-raton.fl.us/police/contact2.shtm

Lenny Pozner (Sandy Hook Father) is Using Mentally Ill Man Doug Maguire To Death Threat & Run Slander Websites For Him Online

If you didn’t think Sandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner could become more unhinged. His recruitment of a Mentally Ill Man to his Honr Network is now backfiring. Lenny groomed “Doug Maguire” to run over 50 slander websites of Lenny’s Victims, Sites like “SocialMediasMostWanted.com” “Cybertrolls.info” After Doug Publicly made video’s Death Threatening victims, Lenny Pozner is harassing online. Lenny scrubbed all of Doug’s accounts, on his slander websites. Here are a few examples, that can now only be seen via google cache.

Lenny Pozner

Lenny Pozner

Lenny Pozner owns Cybertrolls.info and other domains used to Slander and Harass Individuals

Lenny Pozner

Direct link as evidence http://archive.is/cR5wu

Cache Link’s of Doug Maguires Involvement running Lenny’s websites for him

















Why would Lenny use other individuals to do his dirty work online? Easy, Lenny is a parent of a Sandy Hook Victim. And ONLY Sandy Hook parent that cyber stalks, and harasses individuals online. Even people who are NOT Sandy Hook Truthers. He uses autistic people and mentally ill people online. And coaches them to roll out his dirty deeds. He recruits individuals like these, because if they are caught. Lenny can wipe his hands clean, but Lenny wasn’t smart enough to private his whois information of his Slander websites on time. Before being discovered

Doug Maguire Admits To Running Slander Websites Owned By Lenny Pozner

Doug Maguire Death Threats The Owner of This Website and 3 other Men


Doug has stated there is a Bounty for my Death and 3 other men. Who did he get that idea from? Lenny Pozner, here is Lenny admitting to putting a $3,000 Bounty on 2 other men.

Lenny has been well documented on this website. He spends most of his days now, trying to label the owner of this website as a “Child Predator.”

Doug is still threatening people online, as I type this.

Please help us Notify Boca Raton PD and Burbank PD of these crimes that are being ignored, due to Lenny’s reputation of being a “Sandy Hook Parent.”

For Boca Raton PD (Lenny Pozner) http://www.ci.boca-raton.fl.us/police/contact2.shtm

For Burbank PD (Doug Maguire) http://www.burbankpd.org/contact/

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Felix Pantaleon Targeted With Impersonation & Fake Ripoffreports

Felix Pantaleon Stalked by Lenny Pozner/Leonard Pozner/Len Pozner, Harassment, Fake DMCA’s, Libel, Slander Documented.